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A free site to connect language tandem partners, both in person and online

About Us

A tandem partnership is two people who meet for mutual language practice. For example, a French person learning German could form a partnership with a German learning French. They might meet at a coffee shop once a week and spend half the time conversing in French and half in German, taking turns correcting each other's grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation.

The focus is often on conversation, but with the right tandem partner you can work on anything you want -- writing, reading, dictation, official forms, or whatever each person needs. And you don't have to meet in person -- many people work with tandem partners by phone, Skype, email, or chat. And while it's usually an ongoing relationship, it can also be a short term arrangement to prepare for an exam, foreign work transfer, etc.

What all these arrangements have in common is that they're mutual, with no exchange of money and each partner devoting a roughly equal amount of time to helping the other.

At this site, we hope to match up all kinds of tandem partners, with search functions for both in person and online matches. Our goal is to make the best use of your time and get you connected and practicing with another real person as soon as possible. This means keeping the network free of spammers and other fake accounts, and recruiting users who are serious about finding a tandem partner. It also means not distracting you with intrusive advertising, unnecessary social features, or constant nagging emails. Unlike almost every other "social" website, the goal here is to get you off the site and connected to another real person as soon as possible.

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