Tandem Exchange

A free site to connect language tandem partners, both in person and online


How do the different logins work?

Linking your Facebook and/or Twitter accounts to your Tandem Exchange account serves two main purposes. First, you can log in with one of these linked accounts instead of an email and password. Second, your social network identity will be (optionally) linked from your Tandem Exchange profile, so that other users can learn more about you.

This connection does NOT override your privacy settings on Facebook, Twitter or Google. Another Tandem Exchange member who clicks through will see the same content as any other member of the general public.

These logins work through a secure and widely-used protocol called OAuth, and they do not let us see your password on these other sites. We will never post to these sites without your permission.

How do the different search screens work?

There are two search panels: one for people near you who want to meet in person, and one for people to meet with remotely (e.g. by Skype or phone). You can switch between them with the links at the top of the page, and you can also control which search screen(s) you appear on for others in your Settings screen.

How can I improve my chances of finding a good match?

The more they can learn about you from your profile, the more people will want to connect with you. That's why we make it easy to link to your existing online identities (like Twitter or a personal website) that you’re already maintaining. However, if you’d prefer not to link out anywhere, you can still create a compelling profile just by writing a bit more about yourself in the Interests and Personal Statement sections.

I’ve never worked with a tandem partner before. What do I need to know?

First, some common sense safety precautions: if this is an in-person tandem, be sure to have your first meeting in a public place that you’re both familiar with. And if you don’t want to give out any off-site contact information before that first meeting, feel free to use our messaging system to set it up.

As far as how much to discuss beforehand, it’s a matter of personal preference. If you have a specific requirement -- for example, if you need someone who can help with specialized medical vocabulary -- it’s good to confirm that before meeting. But otherwise most things can be discussed in person at the first meeting.

You do not need to be at the exact same level in your respective languages, and most tandem partners are not. If you can communicate at least somewhat in one of your native languages or in a third language like English, that'll probably be enough for a productive exchange.

What language should I write my profile in?

You can always repeat the content in more than one language. But if you have to pick one, use the language you want to learn, assuming your writing level is good enough to be intelligible. (Obviously it doesn’t have to be perfect.)

If not, then write in your native language. And if you want to add another one, English is your safest bet.

I want to report another user for inappropriate messages.

Remember that you can always use the “block” link on a user’s profile to stop them from messaging you or even seeing your profile in searches. You can always see the users you currently have blocked at the bottom of your Settings panel.

You can also forward any inappropriate messages to us, or report inappropriate content in someone’s profile, at feedback@TandemExchange.com. We have no tolerance for any kind of lewd, abusive or vulgar content, and we will delete users who can’t follow this policy.

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